F+W Media


The trusted resource for enthusiasts for nearly a Century.

Inspiration, instruction, products and services. We sit at the core of our vertical Communities providing the exceptional experience our enthusiasts have come to expect. And it is upon this tradition that we build and serve new, and future communities.

We nurture and grow our vertical communities, connecting consumers, our marketing partners and retailers. Expert, trusted, authoritative voices, product, and services.


Our Industry-Leading Transformation

Dramatic in Scope, Success in its Simplicity.

From traditional, two-dimensional publisher, to community-focused, Web-enabled, content creator and marketer of products and services for enthusiasts. By vertical community and consumer focus, not bound or defined by channel or product, with an “E-business” mindset: focused on eCommerce, eMedia, digital.

F+W’s evolution from print publisher to multimedia and ecommerce provider is driven by a culture of imagination and innovation and by people who are of the market, in the market, and fully engaged in the market. The world’s most dedicated and enthusiastic community members come to F+W because we share their passion, we share their hobby and a mutual respect.

F+W Media strives to offer the most complete – online and offline – customer experience for enthusiasts in all our communities, art, craft, antiques & collectibles, design, outdoors, and to offer the most targeted products and services for those who are as passionate as we are about our hobbies and special interests.

F+W fosters a culture of innovation and spirit of entrepreneurship within our organization. It’s this spirit of innovation which allows us to reinvent our Company – and our legacy product portfolio – to meet the needs and wants of today’s consumer.


What drives F+W

Unparalleled quality content across a diversified product portfolio
Books, ebooks, magazines, online, events, competitions, education, video, and more

Serving our enthusiasts within our niche verticals is our mission and has been for nearly 100 years
Our employees are in and of the Communities they serve; authentic, trusted voices

We are delivery-and sales channel-agnostic: in-store, online, at all times
Offering the products and services enthusiasts want–all-in-one resource for the hobby

We know our consumers; based on their area of interest and skill level
We expertly guide consumers through the process of selecting the right products and services that will help them achieve their goals

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